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Photojournalist Thayer writes novel

WAILUKU – Maui photojournalist Matthew Thayer, whose award-winning images have seemed for decades in The Maui News, shows another dimension of his talent as a author of a just-published chronological action-adventure ebook, “30,000 B.C. Chronicles: Bordeaux.”

His sci-fi, time-travel tract transports a celebration from a dried-out, overpopulated year 2233 behind to a European continent 30 millennia before a appearance of complicated time.

Their space qualification is shipwrecked in “a sea of green, a feeling overkill of healthy beauty,” according to a release.

“Strong women, dauntless men, inhuman villains, a characters arise to accommodate a many hurdles of a ancient world. The memories they share of home, and a scarred earth they left behind, paint an intriguing design of mankind’s future,” a recover continues.

Thayer pits a complicated humans into a Cro-Magnon universe where they learn new presence skills from a winding tribes though are still confronted with concept philosophical, devout and reliable questions of what it means to be human.

“Troubles start when one of a Italian crewmembers introduces modernized crusade and his mangled code of sacrament to his Cro-Magnon clan,” a recover continues. “The sovereignty builder starts a competition opposite a continent as his companions onslaught to hindrance a method of mastery that could change a march of humanity.”

The work garnered early reviews from those who review it in galley proofs.

“It should come with a warning tag there is a risk of a excited night totally enthralled in Matthew Thayer’s enchanting story,” pronounced Dr. William Bloedon of Westport, New Zealand.

Saying that a book “goes distant over scholarship fiction,” former Maui News Opinion Page editor and Hawaii Public Radio match Ronald Youngblood adds, ” ‘The 30,000 B.C. Chronicles’ combines a best aspects of ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ and ‘Star Trek.’ You’ll find yourself amatory some of a entirely fleshed characters and loathing a villains during a core of a eremite mystery. It’s a page-turner that’s tough to put down.”

“Matthew Thayer’s imagination is as sharp, unconditional and absolute as a cameras that have done him an award-winning photojournalist. In a ’30,000 B.C. Chronicles,’ he creates a singular universe in fascinating detail, where ancient and complicated realities hit in one stirring journey after another,” according to Rick Chatenever, facilities editor of The Maui News

‘Bordeaux’ is a initial ebook in a projected series, with ‘Tuscany’ set for recover in tumble 2012. ‘Bordeaux’ is accessible exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

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